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Landing Page

What is a Landing page?

In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead generation page”, “static page”, or a “destination page”, is a

single web page

that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, marketing email, or an online advertisement.

Features of a great landing page:

2020 Pricing

Landing Page

R 2,000
  • Choose design from available templates
  • Page limited to 1 x Screen Fold
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
Landing Page

Most Important Elements of a Landing Page


Compelling Headline

You can’t afford to skimp on this one because the headline is the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. Writing a compelling headline will help prevent visitors from bouncing immediately and will encourage them to stick around long enough to consider your offer. No matter what you’re promoting, your headline should always be clear, relevant and empathetic. Some post-click landing pages also have subheadlines, which helps support and reinforce the claim made in the primary headline.


Effective Copy

Good, persuasive copy is crucial because this is one of the primary methods to get your point across and convince prospects to convert or to show the benefits of your product. The amount of copy could make or break the page. Too much and your visitors may feel overwhelmed and leave the page without reading any of it. Too little and they may feel uneasy about whether to pursue your offer. So the amount of copy on your post-click landing page really depends on your offer.


Engaging Media

Since we know a majority of online users don’t like to read web page copy, what better way to get your information across than some engaging media? Three main types of media can be incorporated namely images, video and gifs. post-click landing page images shouldn’t just look pretty. They should also be attention-grabbing, relevant, and assist in the conversion process. Videos on post-click landing pages are even more effective than images. Gifs are also great for explaining offers and are more interactive than images.


Trust Indicators

Potential customers should be able to trust your brand before they make the decision to convert on your offer. That’s why incorporating trust indicators to add credibility is essential to your post-click landing page framework. Getting your visitors to convert often relies on providing statistical proof on how your service is the solution to their problem. The proof is best displayed in the headline, subheadline, or copy. When using this method, don’t forget to include the source that generated the proof.


Lead Capture Form

Lead capture forms are your ticket for collecting visitors’ information, but forms only work well if they’re designed properly. To accomplish that, forms must only require essential information from prospects, as to not intimidate them (the amount of form fields depends on the marketing funnel stage your offer sits — the higher the funnel stage, the less information is typically requested, vice versa).


Strong Call-To-Action

This post-click landing page element should stand out above all the rest. There should be no confusion as to where prospects need to click to redeem your offer. To really make your CTA button “pop,” it needs to contrast well with the rest of the page. Be specific and use personalized, compelling words to increase conversions. 


No Exit Links

post-click landing pages are designed to be hyper-focused pages on a single offer so there shouldn’t be any external links (except privacy policy and terms of service, mentioned earlier). By including links to other pages, you’re inviting visitors to leave your page without first converting.


White Space

White space (aka negative space) is the empty area on your post-click landing page that helps to draw attention to specific elements on your page. It doesn’t have to be white per se, as long as it fulfills its purpose. White space is a valuable design technique because it helps create a visual hierarchy and reduce page clutter while improving readability and comprehension.

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